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Mermeladas tarros
Mermelada Atalaya Fresa
Mermelada Atalaya Fresa


Jar models

We have 2 models of jars for our exquisite jams. Our hexagonal model is included in standard orders, while the Orce model (with an increase of €0.75/unit must be requested through our contact section, indicating the required quantity.

Hexagonal Jar

No price increase

Tarro Hexagonal

Orcio Jar

Increase of €0.75 per unit

Tarro Orcio
Etiquetas profesionales

Custom labels for professionals

We offer the customization of labels for jam jars especially aimed at professionals in the gastronomic and retail sector. Our labels are designed to highlight the quality and exclusivity of your products, with customization options that include logos, colors, fonts and specific descriptions.

Jam sample pack

The best way for you to fall in love with our exquisite flavors. All our clients are delighted.
cesta de mermeladas

Years of experience

Wedding detail

The perfect gift for your guests

If you are still thinking about the details to give to your loved ones or guests, this can be an ideal, surprising and very sweet option.

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Sweeten your life with our jams

Our manufacturing process is completely artisanal, which is why our flavor is one of the best rated on large online platforms.


The flavor of artisanal jam is an explosion of sweetness and freshness that everyone loves.


The texture of the artisanal jam is soft and creamy, with perfectly integrated pieces of fruit.


The aroma of the artisanal jam is intense and natural, evoking the freshness of freshly harvested fruits.


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